How to Choose a Heating And Cooling System

Choosing A Heating And Cooling System

The most common mistake when choosing a heating and cooling system (be it gas furnace, heat pump, or AC) is having it over-sized.

Many people think bigger will be better but this is not true when it comes to equipment. Heating systems are commonly over-sized which increases installation costs, wastes energy, and reduces comfort and moisture control. Properly sized equipment will last longer, provide greater comfort, reduce noise and save your money.

The best way to choose a heating and cooling system is to make sure to find one that specifically addresses your home and your needs.

Your first step is to work with a licensed dealer who will visit your home to perform a complete evaluation or “load calculation.” Doing so will allow your contractor to see the factors that affect the heat gain and loss of your home.

Your contractor will consider the climate you live in, the size, shape and orientation of your home, the square footage of your home, the type of insulation and how much you have along with an assessment of your windows, as in window size, type, quantity and the direction they face. Your contractor may measure walls and floors, he’ll see what materials the house is made of. He’ll check seals, estimate air leakage, and locate existing vents and duct-work  By combing these and other factors he will be able to make a good recommendation on the best heating and cooling system for you.

Don’t’ settle for a mere calculation of square footage. You want a complete assessment. Anyone providing a bid should do gather this data first.

Understand Your Requirements
A heating and cooling system can do so much more than just provide home comfort. Here are some questions for you to consider before making a purchase

  1. Are you interested in safety features? Some equipment like the York Affinity models have multiple temperature sensors and pressure safeties. Different models have different thresh holds for safety and protection built in.
  2. How important is energy efficiency? Price point is related to energy efficiencies.
  3. Does anyone in the house have allergies or asthma?
  4. Do you have requirements around noise? Do you need equipment that is super quiet?
  5. Are aesthetics are a consideration?
  6. How about IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)? This is a great time to consider improving indoor air quality with UV lights – great for anyone concerned with killing organisms and other hazardous airborne particulates. Filtration is a good consideration for anyone who wants to address dust mites, households with pets, people with allergies or asthma and anyone preferring a cleaner home.
  7. Do you need to address issues regarding humidity?
  8. Are you a person who like extended protection plans? An extended parts and labor warranty may be available and the time to activate this would at the time of purchase so make sure to address this with your contractor. Find out what is and isn’t covered and make sure to understand this before signing anything.

A new heating and cooling system is a decision you’ll probably only make a couple times in your lifetime. Taking some extra time upfront to thoroughly consider your needs will ensue that you’ll make a good decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come. When you’re ready to find a contractor, use our “Find A Contractor” icon to find a list of qualified York heating and cooling contractors near you. They can help you to choose the heating and cooling system that best fits your needs.


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